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Hi Guys


Ive just moved over from using an NL40.


I managed to get my hands on a cracking deal for Gen8 £170 for the Celeron and 2gb ram model.


Now here's where i need some help.


I was going to boot from the ODD port but that was a to much ball ache, so i thought i would get a controller card HP P222 then found i couldn't afford one just yet after having to buy ram, so settled on a Marvell Raid PCIE adaptor (Syba SATAIII 4 Port Pcie2.0x 2 card with Marvell HyperDuo with low profile) From Amazon for £35. So ive setup my SSD as the boot drive but the HP intelligent install wont detect the controller.


But if i boot it directly from the Windows 2012 r2 DVD it picks up the controller just fine but i have to manually install all HP system drivers and utils


Does anyone have a list of what needs to be installed?) Unless any one knows how to install the driver in for the Marvell card in the HP intelligent install?


Another thing


Could someone tell me the benefit of using the HP B120i to setup the raid, because at the moment ive got it set to AHCI mode as i just moved my 4x 1tb dives over from the old server and are set to Mirror each other. I can backup the data and rebuild the array if need be.


If anyone is wondering the memory i used was Crucial CT2KIT51272BD160B 8gb (2x 4gb) £67.99 from Amazon.





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Running all 5 of your drives on the B120i would work as well. Connect the SSD to the ODD SATA port and configure in the B120i as a single drive RAID0. Your data drives could be mirrored in the B120i as well. iLo and IP should work fine in this scenario.


In your old server, were the drives mirrored in the OS or in the SATA controller?


I dont think IP will work with the Syba controller. You would just need to do a manual install and insert the driver when it requests. 

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Hi Schoondoggy


The drives were Mirrored in the OS so when i put them in the Gen8 they just re-synced without having to do anything


From Reading i thought you couldn't boot from the ODD or has that now been sorted?  

So if i setup the Single drive (SSD) in Raid0 then the other drives as Mirrored it will boot ok from the 5th Sata (ODD) if it works amazon will be getting a return :)


Looks like i might be installing Win2012 for the 4th time lol.

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You can boot from the ODD if you use the B120i, but I think that may mess up your OS RAID of your data drives. All 5 ports are either AHCI or B120i RAID.


I have set the B120i as RAID0 on the SSD on the ODD and two RAID1 mirrors on the data drives. 

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The other nice thing about using the B120i is the RAID sets will move to a P222 if you happen to go that route in the future.


If you have time to play: if your four data drives are the same, you could put all four in a RAID10 instead of two RAID1's.

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Hey schoondoggy


Thanks for the advice


I've just reinstalled again and setup the controller so raid0 for the boot then raid 1+0 for the 4 1tb drives.


Windows is just setting up now, using the HP intelligent install. Much easier.


I think I may use the marvel controller to add more storage using laptop drives as have 4 wd black 500gb sat around.


Would be nice to get my hands on one of those mount brackets for then side... Its a tad expensive delivery for the UK.


Has anyoneone had any luck using the H222 over the P222?

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If I wanted to upgrade the drives from 1tb to 2tb can I just pull them out one at a time?

I don't think so. I don't think the B120i supports RAID expansion. I will check.

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