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Ordered a 3D printer


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I have a Printrbot Simple Metal coming. It's my first one and it looks to be a good starter.

Does anyone else already have a 3D printer or seriously looking to get one?


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I think this is a very timely and topical subject.


I am interested in getting 3D printer, but I have some requirements so I'm not sure what to get. I guess I'm just not ready to pull the plug yet.


While I'm not ruling out printing with PLA and ABS, I'm not willing to settle for just those materials. I want a material with more resilience, like PTFE or nylon: good and stiff, yet flexible. Taulman makes some interesting filaments: http://taulman3d.com. Polycarbonate filament would be interesting. Also, food-safe filaments.


I have several mundane projects that I'd like to do.


I look forward to reading about your experiences and, hopefully, others will chime in with theirs.

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