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How much is it worth?


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I will be putting my Gen8 up for sale shortly due to lack of use and was wondering what the going rate would be?


Not a lot of hours on it. ESXi installed on a USB Key

16Gb RAM

Xeon E3 1230v2 4 core/8 thread upgrade

Comes with a 2TB hard drive to get you started.

Boxed as new, has sat in my cave most of this year after being configured unused.


It is a really nice spec and eats up VMWare machines.

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What is something worth? I would not know what to say. Maybe the experts here in the forum would know.


A price that would make you and the buyer happy? 300$ would be a bargain and make a buyer happy. Would you be happy with this price? I would ask for more. Somewhere between 300 and 700$?

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