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Terminal Server Gateway issues with Server 2012 R2 Essentials


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I've got a standard install of Server 2012 R2 Essentials set up with Anywhere Access set up. When I remote desktop into a computer using the Anywhere Access, I can't get access to the Local Devices and Resources section to allow Drives to be accessed. It's just greyed out. Where do I find the setting to allow this?

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Make sure that the Remote Desktop Gateway service is up and running first. This is what controls that feature.


Otherwise, it would be in the Anywhere Access config. 

Well, specifically, it's configured per user, so you'd need to view the user's properties. 

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You can change the settings in the Remote Desktop Gateway MMC under the Administrative Tools. Search for a CAP "Connection Access Policy". In this policy you can define the timeouts and ressources for a connection trough the Gateway.

A RAP "Ressource Access Policy" defines which User can access which RDP Ressource in the local network. Maybe this could help you. The anywhere access from the essentials deployment does only predefine this two policies.

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I checked in the RDP Gateway MMC and it's doesn't appear to be blocked there.  Here's the policy description:

If the user is a member of any of the following user groups:
<DOMAIN>\Domain Admins, <DOMAIN>\WseAllowComputerAccess, <DOMAIN>\WseAllowDashboardAccess
If the client computer is a member of any of the following computer groups:
Not applicable (no computer group is specified)
If the user uses the following supported Windows authentication methods:
Password or smart card
Allow the user to connect to this RD Gateway server and disable device redirection for the following client devices:
Not applicable (device redirection is allowed for all client devices)
After the idle timeout is reached:
 - Disconnect after60 Minute(s)
After the session timeout is reached:
 - Silently re-authenticate and reauthorize after480 Minute(s)


Am I missing something?

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Well the redirected devices are depending on the bandwidth you are using, the settings of the RDP client and the CAP Policy from the RD Gateway.

Is the performance bad, than rdp waives the forwarding of local ressources to keep the video performance.


try not using the web interface from the essentials server.

you can use the local rdp client and configure your RD Gateway to connect to your remote systems.


You can set this in the advanced tab.



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