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CentOS 7 install


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This is the first time i've ownder a HP Proliant microserver and i'm having some problems getting the OS installation to recognise the logical drive.


I'm trying to install centOS 7 and so far did the following:


Created bootable USB drive with CentOS 7 DVD

Downloaded hpvsa-1.2.10-120.rhel7u0.x86_64.dd.gz and put that on a USB stick

At installation prompt I pressed esc and entered "linux dd blacklist=ahci"

I then selected the driver to install at the prompt and hit continue.

When i entered the Device selection it still showed all physical drives and not the logical drive i created.


Any help is much appreciated.



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I cannot help you because I have not tried to do what you are doing.

Hopefully somebody else can provide some assistance.


However, it is much simpler, in my opinion to put your controller in AHCI mode and then do software raid with the OS.

This way you don't have to fuss with extra drivers.

I am running CentOS 7 on a G8 microserver.  I use "md" devices to mirror the OS; I use ZFS for all my data.  It works flawlessly.



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Thanks for the reply. I persevered with  my method and it is now working :)


Not sure what i did incorrectly the previous times but all is good now.



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