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SSD Dead


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Bought a Sony Vaio Duo ll 18 months ago for $2000 -MODEL # SVD11216PGB

Today when booted says "no OS". I boot into BIOS and there is no Hard Disk.

It Boots fine with USB Windows stick. I conclude SSD is dead.

Specs say it is "Flash Memory 256 GB*3 (256 GB x 1, Serial ATA)", whatever that means!!


So I have just ordered a Surface Pro 3 from the MS store because of all the great reviews.


Do I,

1.try and open the Sony myself and replace the SSD?

2.see how much a laptop repair shop will charge to do the same?

3.chuck it in the cupboard with all the other dead ones?


Warranty was 12 months.




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So I did not have a go. I have been building pc's for 20 years but have never opened a laptop.

I took it to a shop who opened it and said the SSD is dead.


$160 for a Samsung 840 EVO 250GB mSATA

2 hours @ $85 per hour for fitting.


So I said yes.

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Expensive maybe.... but MAN I hate taking apart laptops. Absolutely hate. I totally understand paying somebody else to handle that nightmare.

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I guess that's true. In the late 90's, I worked in an authorized service center for Compaq computers. Even with the published Quick Reference Guide (an equivalent of a shop manual), it takes experience trying to unlatch clips without breaking them.


...or not to have too many Torx screws left behind after re-assembly. :D

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Yes, laptops are a pain. Many tablets can be worse. And, so I gather, Surface tablets are the worst, because the glass is glued on and can only be removed by very careful heating of the outside inch of the glass with a hair dryer or heat gun.

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