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Cannot install ESXI on HP microserver


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Hi all,


Today I received my new microserver. I followed the instructions in the manual and downloaded the HP custom ESXI iso from vmware. However, when I go to install the operating system on the server, when I double click on the iso nothing happens. I have tried many different USB sticks and also different versions of the iso (e.g. Nov and June), and the instructions seem to state that I simply need to double click on the iso and I can then proceed. 


Has anyone else had this trouble or knows how I can proceed to install ESXI?




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You cannot run an ISO. It's not an executable file. You have to use a 'burner' program to transfer the contents of the ISO file to a USB flash drive or a CD/DVD. You then boot up the MicroServer from the flash drive or CD/DVD.


I would re-read those instructions. I find it hard to believe they say to double-click an ISO file.

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Hi ikon, thanks for your reply.


Yes, in the instructions it says


Insert the USB drive and browse to the location of the OS installation files on
the USB drive. Then, double-click the ISO file.
I have also previously tried to use isotousb to burn the iso to usb disk but this didn't show up.
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The only way I could see this working is if they have a burner program on the USB drive and there's 'supposed' to be an association between ISO files and the burner program. Perhaps if you posted a list of the files on the USB drive we could identify which file you need to run.


What I'm thinking is that perhaps HP has set it up so that a burner program on the USB drive is used to burn the ESXi ISO to a hard drive in the MicroServer.


BTW, forgot to ask, you are booting up from the USB drive, right?

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ikon, I am not booting up from the usb drive. I am in the options to install an operating system - I select VMWare ESXI, and I select USB as the source, and then browse the connected usb drive until I find the ESXI ISO file.




schoondoggy, I am trying to install onto the microserver from usb, as my microserver is not currently networked, so I must download the ESXI iso on my desktop, move to usb, then put onto the microserver.



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Should I just skip the Intelligent provisioning and boot from usb to install ESXI? I've already set up my RAID array so should be good to go in that respect

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