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On Die CPU Temps


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Im looking to swap out the cpu on my microserver

And all that people seem to post is ilo temps which are useless for the cpu


Im after Coretemp Readings both idle and at load for comparison on Pentium, i3, Xeon's (mainly 1230 v2 and 1265v2 as thats what im looking at atm)


to see the true power requirements of cpu's at both idle and load, and ofc die temps


example a 69watt tdp cpu could well use around 45-50 watts max as a good 10+ is allocated to the gpu (which is disabled in the microserver)

so there's 10 watts plus tdp knocked off


also i want to see what true temps are like with stock hp cooling pref at the lowest setting


Here's my G1610T as you can see the max it ever uses is 10.9 watts even though it has a 35 watt tdp

In comparison My i7 2820QM in my laptop that has a 45 watt tdp will use around 43 watts


Coretemp 1.0 RC7 needs to be used on windows 8 / 2012 etc RC6 stalls the pc

Get it here








30 Mins Prime 95 Inplace Large FFT




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With the Xeon E3-1265Lv2 I used CoreTemp and OpenHardwareMonitor (in addition to iLO) in:



and you can find other links to temp studies in the Gen8 Links page http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5639-proliant-microserver-gen8-links/  in Gen8 Temp Management Heading


One of the links is to here http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6762-anyone-who-has-changed-the-heat-sink-on-a-gen8-microserver/page-3#entry77590

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I actually ordered a 1265L V2 around a hour ago from amazon its coming sat


Have you tried fitting a Delta BFB0512LD behind the cpu blowing onto it

as i presume it would work far better and be much quieter than

whiny 30mm fan's

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I have just dug one of these out from my spares (fan and heatsink)


have removed the fan from the heatink and i may have to cut the shroud down not sure yet

will 5v mod it to lower fan speed as its 12v 0.42 amps


think i will set it all up tonight with the stock cpu

so its ready for sat



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The Delta BFB0512LD should still fit

i have found one place in the uk

but its like rs components and they dont do cheap postage


£8 part

£12 postage

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