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Newbie confused about licensing


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I just bought myself a Gen 8 (bottom end Celeron model) with 4 x 3TB WD Red disks basically for running as a fileserver to my Macs. I'm using SmartOS so I also get to create cheap zones for running other stuff.


So far (after one day!) so good.


I have found the BIOS option to force the use of AHCI so I can use the disks in JBOD mode (SmartOS uses ZFS.)


SmartOS is complaining about not being able to read the "ACPI SRAT table" from the BIOS. If anyone knows where in the BIOS I can enable this and lose the warning, a pointer'd be great! Otherwise more quality time with the BIOS configuration is in order...


But the main reason I'm writing is that I'm somewhat confused about licensing, the warranty and firmware updates. HP's web sites seem designed (IMO) to add to the confusion.


What do I need to be able to get firmware updates? iLO updates? Does the warranty (I'm in the UK) require continued paid access to any of these?



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However following the link I get eventually prompted to "link a warranty to my support centre user id" which fails when I enter the product number and serial number from the box:
"Error: This entitlement does not exist. Please review the entitlement identifier and make any necessary edits, or check the box to remove this item."


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Some updates are freely available, others you need a warranty or license.


The HP website is a horror (IMHO).


I had the exact same error as you.


To link my warranty I had to go into ILO and do some stuff there. It was very confusing and I'm not sure what I did (needed to register). At remote support --> Registration, perhaps?

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Yes, you really should register that puppy so you can get the updates easily.

I think I managed to persuade "Intelligent Provisioning" to register my machine. Hurrah!


But - there's no evidence of this on the HP support site. To talk to HP to figure this out I need a warranty, and it doesn't think I have one of those either.


Just to round things off nicely - the 60 day trial of the iLO Advanced license has suddenly expired after 4 days so I can't use the remote console any more.


I'm deeply frustrated with this.

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Call HP Support and complain. Persevere.

I've done a factory reset of iLO and have been able to re-enter a trial license, so that crisis is temporarily averted.


I think you're right though. They need to be made aware of my pain :-)

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