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WHS 2011 FTP Configuration unable to write to FTP folder


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I've been browsing the boards for several months now and decided to join since I have been able to find a lot of answers here regarding Windows Home Server. I do have one nagging issue that I can't seem to get resolved regarding an FTP site.


I'm running WHS2011 and I created an FTP site and configured it through IIS7. I added the FTP server role and created a user group called FTP and added a few users into the group. I have desginated a folder on a physical drive for the FTP drive location. I have gone through and configured my router for port fowarding etc and I am able to access the FTP site remotely with no issues whatsoever. I can log in over the internet from anywhere and get my files out of the FTP site, however what I can NOT seem to do is write files to the FTP directory. I have an IP camera that I'm trying to configure to dump files to the FTP folder on my server. I beleive I have isolated the issue down to some sort of FTP conguration setting in IIS, some kind of permissions I may be missing. I tested uploading pictures from the camera to an FTP running on a different server and it works fine. However, anytime I go to upload a file to the FTP on my WHS,  This is true when I attempt to upload ANY file from any FTP client, in other words the problem is not isolated to the IP camera. I see that it does write the file name into the directory but the file size is always 0KB. I have full read/write access set on the local FTP folder for all users, network service etc. In IIS on the FTP site, I enabled basic authentication and also created an authentecation rule for users in the FTP user group both of which have read and write access specified.


Yet it seems that whatever I do I cannot get the FTP service to write files to the server, I can only pull files off of it which is cool but I really would like the abilty to write the files there. I have tried logging into the FTP with two different users, both are members of the FTP user group. I just named the group FTP for simplicity.


I just completely recreated the FTP site again from scratch and still no luck, I'm essentialy talking about just a very basic FTP site setup where I can upload/download files to the FTP running on my WHS.


Hope the post makes sense, it is rather late and I should be getting to bed.





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