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Is this a good deal for a Gen8?


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Hello everybody!

I don't know if this is in the right forum section or not; sorry if it isn't, :/

I'm looking into getting myself a Gen8 to play around with, been looking around for a while now an I stumbled across this listing:



For that price + shipping with all those upgrades, is it worth the money? Or would it be better to invest into a custom built server for equivalent specs?



- David




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I think this is a reasonable price, but it also depends on your needs. For a similar price you can have everything new, but without the extras (just 2 HHDs and the entry model), and have an OK file server.


If you were to buy all the components new, this would be the very rough estimate:

DVD drive 90 $

2TB HDD 80$ 8 * 2 = 160

0.5 TB HDD 40$ * 2 = 80

memory 50$

server 300$


680 $ maybe? And the operating system is also a bonus....


However, maybe there are cheaper offers on ebay? This I don't know.

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