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HP MS G8 2.5" drive bracket

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for a hub?


all os's support hub's out of the box


by default the usb 3.0 controller has a root hub

the same driver is used for any extra hub's


Yeah, my bad. I was in a hurry and forgot that the hub would have to be plugged into a USB3 port on the host computer, which would of course have to have a USB3 driver.

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Fitted it just now 8 internal drives (4x2.5" 4x3.5")   moved the 2.5" esata drive inside and powered it from the internal usb port 13 drives now dont think im gona squeeze much more in   Intel PC

Its taken temps up but still acceptable also they will spindown at some point   with two drives it was around 31-32 for the hitachi and 32-35 for the 7200 rpm seagate its 35 and 39 now  

Couldn't help but think of this......  

Posted Images

My next toy on order..


4 Port ESATA 6Gbps


The Marvell 9230 I have supports upto 7 total devices

So the ESATA 3tb 3.5" drive i have currently will be moved into this

with 3 spare ports for the future...





I believe this is the who Startech get the S3540BU33E built by they are twins ..




£79.99 for the DLSN version or

£239.99 from Startech....


Startech quote it as having

JMicron – JMS567 Bridge Chip

Jmicron - JMB575 Port Multiplier Chip

will check mine when it comes


This should be here tomorrow or sat

will post how it went



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Must be nice to have access to a LASER cutter :)

Hell yeah, I wonder if I can get a plastic one printed :-)

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