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HP MS G8 2.5" drive bracket


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for a hub?


all os's support hub's out of the box


by default the usb 3.0 controller has a root hub

the same driver is used for any extra hub's


Yeah, my bad. I was in a hurry and forgot that the hub would have to be plugged into a USB3 port on the host computer, which would of course have to have a USB3 driver.

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My next toy on order..


4 Port ESATA 6Gbps


The Marvell 9230 I have supports upto 7 total devices

So the ESATA 3tb 3.5" drive i have currently will be moved into this

with 3 spare ports for the future...





I believe this is the who Startech get the S3540BU33E built by they are twins ..




£79.99 for the DLSN version or

£239.99 from Startech....


Startech quote it as having

JMicron – JMS567 Bridge Chip

Jmicron - JMB575 Port Multiplier Chip

will check mine when it comes


This should be here tomorrow or sat

will post how it went



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