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A thought - backplane and cage from old ml150 g5 ... opinions?


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Hi guys,

just a thought here ... 

Since i found a couple of failed drives lying around (and 10 days till end of warranty) i sent them back to SG and now im thinking what to do with them when they come back ... 

Got into my head that i have an old ML 150 G5 (http://www8.hp.com/h20195/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=c04282633) and was thinking how to cannibalize it good :-) 


So, basically my thought was this: 

Take out the drive cage, the backplane and the SAS controller; put the SAS controller (HP SAS SC40Ge - LSI SAS3042E-HP) into it, make a hole for putting the cable out and simply connecting the drive cage, then enjoy 4 new slots for it. 


Question is this: am i missing something? Bad idea for any reason? 

Can i get the power in any way from the Microserver itself? (backplane has 2 molex input)

Would i need to add a plexiglass case and a fan to those? 


pics (big, sorry) 





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