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TS140, thumbs up.


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Hi All,


Just a post to strongly recommend these Lenovo servers.  I have now completed my build:


Xeon 1225v3 (400W PSU)


1x 250GB Crucial MX100 (boot, eDrive hardware Bitlocked)

1x 3TB WD30ERX (bitlocked)

2x 6TB WD60ERX (Configured as a bitlocked, Storage Space mirrored REFS volume)

External 4TB USB Mirrored Pair (Bitlocked)

Windows Server 2012 R2



The whole thing is working exceedingly well and is much quieter than my old N36L.  The builtin TPM module, AES support and UEFI support of eDrive SSD's is just the icing on the cake.  During use, the whole thing seems to idle at 700MHz and not even break a slight sweat. Intel AMT/MBEX KVM and DVD input redirection works well once configured, and is excellent for free.


The hardware is exceptionally capable, and nicely suited for multiple hard drives.  I love the way that the top 2 drives each have dedicated fans, and the lower 2 fans have air diverted from the front mounted fan.  The whole thing seems to run cool.  The top 6TB drive runs at 32 Degrees, the second top 6TB drive runs at 30, with the bottom drives running at 28 and 27 (SSD) degrees.


I did initially want a GEN8 Microserver or a Dell T20.  The HP lost out due to HP's greed and lack of specification.  The Dell lost out due to cooling issues.


The TS140, if you can take the extra footprint, is an excellent choice.  I did wonder about the TS440 with its multiple front mounted drive cages, but that would have been much larger.


Thanks to this forum for highlighting available hardware!  Hopefully this server will run for 4 years trouble free like the N36L did....

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I just got one myself. It even makes a good desktop PC if you don't mind the size. Great price too when on sale.


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Also just got mine fired up, got a great deal from eBuyer in the UK.  Xeon E3-1225v3, 4GB RAM, 500GB WD RE4, DVD drive and Server 2012 Essentials for £319 after rebate.


Swapped the RE4 for a 512GB Crucial MX100, and installed my Technet install of Server 2012R2.  I'm not sure the MX100 is much different other than quicker boot speed, though I do hope to put some VMs on there with Hyper-V, so I guess the SSD will help there.


All in all I'm pretty pleased with the TS140 - its nicely built, its quick, and its quiet.  No fuss and bother like the G8 Microserver.

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