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Wake on LAN


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This is a long story.

I rarely leave home but am going away for 2 weeks and would like to access my Desktop (8.1) while I am away via Server 2012 E R2 .

Desktop power settings are:

Turn off Display = 10 Minutes

Put Computer to sleep = 3 hours

So I

  • Allowed Sophos to port forward https to server (thank you Drashna website)
  • Changed ASUS BIOS Power on by pcie/pci to ENABLED

When I tried to access server then desktop from my laptop (from outside LAN) all worked fine

Wait 3 hours till desktop asleep then I can access server but not desktop (It is greyed out as a device on server)

Woke Desktop up by touching keyboard and access via RWA was instant.

I can just change my desktop setting to leave it on for 2 weeks and all will be fine.

BUT I would like it to work when asleep!!!!

I know ASUS MB are good at most things but not at “wake on LAN”

Any thoughts?

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One option might be LightsOut. I say might because it apparently works with Windows Server 2012 Essentials but I don't know if it works with R2.


If LightsOut doesn't work with R2, you should be able to use MC-WoL.exe. It's a command-line utility, but it can be automated with batch files.

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The problem is with my desktop (ASUS P8Z77-V Premium) with Intel 82579V NIC.  It won't wake up from "Put Computer to Sleep" whatever that means!

I will investigate further or just leave desktop on while I am away.

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Yes I discovered the problem with the Intel NIC's. One of the reasons I went with that MB was that it had 2 Intel NIC's not realtek. Ain't life a bitch. However I found a guy who believes he had the right settings for these NIC's and Windows 8.1.




I followed his setup to the letter and it seems to be working. Just in case anyone else has these NIC's and 8.1

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My experience is that it will work perfectly while I'm testing it and when I actually leave for my 2 weeks (in Tasmania) it will not. :rolleyes:


It's the Devils you know!

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