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Anybody noticing their backups stopped after some patches in October, with Backup status showing "Not set up"?


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The workaround/fix is fairly straight-forward, but the PC you're backing up has to be powered on to get it reconfigured:


  • Head over the Windows Server Essentials Dashboard
  • click on DEVICES
  • check the Status and Backup status columns
  • if the computer shows "Online" and "Not set up", right-click it
  • choose "Set up Backup for this Computer"
  • choose "Back up all of my files and folders (Recommended)
  • choose "Save changes"

The real question is what's causing this to recur in my WS2012R2 environment in the first place. It happened after a rollup patch from Microsoft back in the summer too.


I looked around for a bit, and didn't seem to find anybody talking about this.


Anybody else got this same issue?


Any ideas of how to resolve it?





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Definitely didn't experience that.


Or if I did... it coincided with a bad disk and having to reset the entire database, so I attributed it to that. :(

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I have 3 clients connected using "skipdomainjoin" and have had no problem with daily backup. All are on auto update.

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ikon, the thought did go through my head, but sort of felt it was unlikely, since backups have been pretty reliable since January, it was only October and November Windows Update bundles that seemed to have caused the "Not set up" status, for me anyway.  I'm not sure though, hoping to gain insight from others here.  Of course, I can't rule anything out yet, and I frankly didn't dive in too deep yet either.


Drashna, phew, yeah, glad that's not me (this time ;-)


Poppapete, thank you too, another (3) data points that skipping domain join has been a success, and survived the Windows Updates.  I should probably mention though that one of these updates was optional, that I manually selected, see also my Google+ post here:



October 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2


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The above screenshot is misleading, I should have been showing a right-click menu on a Status Online system, since you can't configure backups for offline computers. This also points out how long it can take to clean up after this issue strikes me, since I can't get all those backups reconfigured until I get to each of the "Not set up" systems when it's Online. Especially tough since the systems aren't all under one roof.


Here's a better screenshot:


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I also noticed after the update that all my backups had stopped and needed to be resetup...everything seems to be working fine now that they are reconfigured...again.

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Actually, No, I'm not skipping domain join. I have a domain that my computers are connected to. Everything seems to be working normal, just had to redo the backups...weird

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