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Seeking a recommendation for a Rack-mountable case


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I have been listening to the Podcast on and off from the very first episode.  But I've probably never posted here before.

My HP MediaSmart EX485 has been running home server version one for 5 years now.  (I just found the receipt I ordered it in February of 2009)

And now I need to replace it.  It has been crashing from time to time and needing manual power cycling to start.  


Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with a Windows 8.1 OS and a plan to upgrade to window 10 when it is stable.

I bought and read (most of) Terry Walsh's

Building A Home Server With Windows 8.1


I have a small 19 inch Rack holding a patch panel and 16 port switch.  It also has a shelf holding the aforementioned MediaSmart EX485, and other stuff including Staples Connect, Sonos Bridge, Liftmaster MyQ TP-link NAS, and some USB drives, 


My thinking is that: I want a case that is either 2U or 4U and has room for 4 X 3.5 inch drive and an SSD.  


I make software for a living but do not know where to buy a rack mountable case.  So vendor recommendations are welcome.  

And if anyone has a particular case to recommend (or recommend against) I would be grateful.


Many Thanks,


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hard part about servers in two post racks is their weight. The ears on a server case are not usually designed to support the full weight of the server. When you find a case you like ask the vendor if it can be mounted by the front ears fully loaded.

I like 2U case, but you need to add low profile cards in them.

Here is one I have used, it states 2 internal drives, but I think I put 4 in it:


This is good also:


If you want swappable drive bays, I would look at a 3U and add in storage options:



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I agree with schoondoggy; servers in 2-post racks are problematic. In fact the rails for many servers from Dell and HP can only be mounted on a 4-post rack. When fully loaded, many of these servers are heavy.

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