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Crazy deal on 4TB drives


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This is very likely a mistake, but there appear to be 4TB drives for $40 here.


EDIT: Important clarification about compatibility from schoondoggy below!


These are SAS drives (not SATA), but according to this thread, SAS drives are supported on the G7 Microservers 4-bay backplane.


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The back-plane in the G8 and G7 support SAS, but the controller does not. You would need to add a SAS controller or RAID controller.

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Any of the HP Smart Array controllers will work.

P222 is a good choice for MS G8.

P212 or P410 are options for the MS G7.


I ordered 4 of these:

1. I assume the price is wrong and they will cancel the order

2. It states they are new, but they may be engineering samples


We will see what happens.


Thanks for posting!

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Yeah, you almost would think there's a zero, or nine missing at the end: i.e. $397.90, or maybe $397.99.

Or something like that! I ordered 4 drives this morning, payed with PayPal. Received an order confirmation. Just now checked PayPal and it says the order is "Canceled" and "The seller canceled this payment, and the money has been returned to your account." The original link to this "offer" is now dead. Searched their site for the model # and found the individual drive listed as "not available" but you can buy a 20 PK for $6,538.52.  :wacko:

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Update this morning from pcRUSH.com:


Cancellation Confirmation - Constellation ES.3 ST4000NM0023 Internal Hard Drive


Dear Valued Customer:


Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, database error encountered during automated update of product details. pcRUSH shares your frustration with technical difficulty resulting in discrepancies in the listing.


Order has been cancelled with transaction reversed on payment method provided at checkout. pcRUSH regrets the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.



Customer Care


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