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Graphic Card R7 240, Black Screen. why...?


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hi everyone


i have bought a R7 240 Passiv cooling card. 


very difficult to install. but. after installation, by booting, i can only just see the first booting screen.  then black screen.


during booting HDMI of R7 has no signal. and VGA onboard only show first screen.


i have ESXi 5.5 OS and i can use vSphere Client to connect it.


but i did not finde R7 videocard to set passthrough.


what should i do ?


i want go bios, but its black screen.


im in a dead end...


pls help . thank you .

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i can see nothing. with iLO management Clinet its just a black screen. also i cant see anything if i press F12 key but it runs.


but i can use vSphere Client to run VMs

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On the start of my Gen8, I also get a black screnn. After some seconds I see the HP logo.


I think, its because the Gen8 first uses the internal card and then switch to the PCIe card.

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thank u Saburr.


i found the reason,


i have bought the xfx low profile R7 240


but i disconnect the vga calbel away off that card slot,(i thought i do not need it coz i use hdmi)


then i get always black screen.


if i connect the cable, then no problem (even i do not use that vga. )


strang bug.


thank u all

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Sometimes it's possible. I could remove the VGA connector (on the Sapphire HD5450) and not get a blank screen in Ubuntu. I did change some bios settings.

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I've got the same issue with a MSI GT 710 2Gb LP.

The first screen is ok but the HP logo never come...


Is there any solution?

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