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Running Windows 7 on PowerEdge T110 II

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I tried installing Windows 7 on a PowerEdge T110 II but I had serious problems with mouse stutter and the graphics card not going up to 1920x1080. The graphics I imagine is the card but the mouse was unuseable.


Have any of you had this problem?

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Good questions. Here's a few others:

  • is it a USB mouse?
  • what port is the mouse connected to?
  • is the port on the front, or back, of the chassis?
  • have you tried the mouse in different ports?
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It was a standard USB Dell OEM mouse. Nothing special.



I connected it to different ports, front and back.

I think more of a house issue it might have been a chipset issue.


Im asking if anyone has ever tried Windows 7 on this system and had this problem too.

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Well, the thing is, if Win7 installs, and boots up OK, then the mouse should work. It shouldn't be a case of the mouse working if, for example, Windows Server 2003 is installed and doesn't work if Win7 is. To me, that makes no sense. USB2 drivers are ubiquitous now.


I would try the mouse in another system and try another mouse on the T110.

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Nice detective work schoondoggy!


And, now that you mention it, I do recall seeing this issue at work some years ago, and not just on a few machines. We ordered about 150 new PCs as part of our normal lifecycle management (we replace around 20% of the oldest PCs every year). After creating a SysPrep image for the new PCs, we found that the mouses wouldn't work properly. IIRC, we couldn't find a fix at the time, but we did try some other mouses and they worked, so we ordered new ones for all the PCs. I have to say though, even if we had found a fix, we likely would have just ordered new mouses anyway, on the basis that doing the fix would have taken too long, and been too labour intensive, and we'd never be certain that some other incompatibility with the original mouses wouldn't crop up.

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