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Serverbackup schedule can not be setup


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First error:

Beim Starten der Sitzung "WbadminUIInBuiltTracing" ist der folgende Fehler aufgetreten: 0xC0000035.

Starting of "WbadminUIInBuiltTracing" appeared an error 0xC0000035



second one:

Fehler bei der um ‎2014‎-‎10‎-‎29T21:02:26.417605700Z gestarteten Sicherung: Die Zeitplaneinstellungen wurden nicht gefunden. Konfigurieren Sie die geplante Sicherung neu.


error at 2014‎-‎10‎-‎29T21:02:26.417605700Z started backup: the time plan planning could not be found. configure the planed back up new.



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Yes I received a new Laptop and my old one was moved to my wife and the old laptop of my wife was sold ...

This might really be the issue!!!

I will do the two proposals later at home.


OMG, this forum is really great !!!

Thanks so much, I already started to plan a complte new setup of my WHS2011 to get rid of old things ... (maybe I will do it anyway)

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Bad news.

Firstly I did the hotfix

restart test no improvment


Secondly I tried the workaround by method 5 and same result.


I guess I have to newly set it up.

I will think about to save at least screenshots of my most important settings ...


Thanks after all your  help I am nearly more sad that we could not solve it together as finding the solution anyway

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