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Serverbackup schedule can not be setup


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Go to Administrative Tools>Task Scheduler and expand the + sign next to Microsoft and then the same for Windows.  Look for the Backup Folder and verify there is a scheduled task in there.  If not y

Send me a PM and I can export mine and send it to you.  It's nothing but an XML file. 

Here's what mine has in the Actions tab: %windir%\System32\wbadmin.exe start backup -templateId:{50e4eff5-5931-4682-898b-e4e223066eea} -quiet

OK I tested a lot.


1. I tried the command added here by ikon but this ended up in error.

2. I tried the xml file from jmwills. Now it was getting strange. I tried to save it and it ended up in the same error message as if I tried to setup my own backup-plan.

After changing the name/title of the task I was able to save it. But it ended up in an error.

I have the fear my external drive is also an issue. It is not listed when I am doing a new backup-plan and try to use it as the target drive ...??!!!


Strange things are happening ...

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I see it might lead to misunderstanding.

Import - window with settings is open - klicking on OK to close the settings is leading to the error message

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I was afraid the command I posted wouldn't work. I suspect the alphabet soup part of the command is specific to each installation.

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Sorry took some time but here are the error messages

in Task planner is written when I klick OK with this name "Microsoft-Windows-WindowsBackup" for the task:

"A task or folder with this name is already existing"

Changing the name is allowing the OK klick without error


in Windows Server Backup is the error message:

The settings for the planed backup was not found

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jmwills, is it possible he's looking in the wrong place for the task? I can't help but think he's running into the error because the task actually does exist - he's just not seeing it.

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I did a screen shot


Something strange when I am opening this is that I receive a error message

Task service is not reachable, try to reconnect


I have to click it aprox 5 times ok and then I can work with it.



to check if I am on the right way

The task which you see is the renamed xml import

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OK, that seems to be the right one. It's odd that you have to click it more than once to get to it. What happens if you right-click on the task and select Run?

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