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Serverbackup schedule can not be setup


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I try to explain it in English what I already placed in a German forum without any answer for weeks.


When I first installed my WHS2011 with Server Backup it ran fine. After a while (some month) I checked the status and the backup was not done for several approaches.

I deleted the backup plan and changed the external drive. (from 320GB to 320 GB).

Than I tried to setup the server backup plan again. I give all my details in and when I click start for setting it up I receive an error message which is similar to

"A file can not be created if it is already existing"


To be on a little save side I did a single backup which was running fine.


Do you have any Idea which file could already exist or how to solve this?



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Did you configure it from the dashboard? If so, try running "wbadmin.msc" on the server, or use "Windows Server Backup" from Administrative Tools. That may give you a more meaningful error, if it errors out.

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I did it first via dashboard and tried after that with wbadmin.msc. Both times the same "Error" Message appears with not more info.

I am really totally lost

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