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dvn- I've heard about the Stieg Larrson books recently, what did you think of those?



For me, they were simply awesome! I highly recommend all three.

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Also an Audible subscriber. Currently listening to 1974 by David Peace..... A British murder mystery and the first book in the "Red Riding Quartet." I will continue the series


It's a good listen but be warned the use of "swear words" is very high.


Recently been listening to "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and I have just worked my way through the "Nightside" series by Simon R Green )similar to the Dresden Files series but a little more entertaining.


An alternative source in science fiction/fantasy is big finish. My main reads are Doctor Who and they release several "radio play type" books each month. They have the original actors for the 5th 6th 7th and 8th doctors.


Big Finish also release Stargate and Dark Shadows material as well, all original stories with the original cast members if they can get them.


Currently I have two 160gb "Ipod Classics." One is used for music and podcasts and the other is used for books. If this seems a little extravagant.... I have over 400 audio books and the music/podcast Ipod has about 108gb constantly used... Which may be a comment on the state of American radio:)


The reason I read with my ears is due to age. My eyesight started failing and I found it inconvenient to wear glasses. I use one contact lens which does allow me to read but I found myself needing to put in the contact for on the spur reading at odd times which is not always possible (can't sleep at night for instance) where as I can always pick up my Ipod.

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