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N36L with WD Red 6TB disks


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OK. Now tested these in a HP workstation: 


Both passed extended SMART test OK (took 24-32 hours).

Both singularly formatted with NTFS and Bitlocked OK using password.

Both then placed into storage pool, created a vDisk and created a ReFS the full size of the vDisk.

Bitlocked the ReFS vDisk using a TPM, took about 12 hours.

Copied a few TB of data to/from ReFS volume, averaged 153 MB/s.


I can only conclude that these drives are OK and that the problem therefore lies with the N36L.


So either:


1. The N36L SATA controller isn't stable using WD60EFRX disks (seems unlikely, as they are detected OK and otherwise work fine)




2. The 4 year old PSU isn't capable of sustaining the power requirements of 1 SSD, 3 HDD's (2 x WD60EFRX, 1x WD30EFRX), Remote Management Card, 8GB RAM and DVD drive, with the CPU at 100% and HDD's running at 100% for prolonged time.


Seem's very likely to be #2, but as I have no way of testing I'll buy a Lenovo TS140 instead and be sure.  The spec bump will be very welcome (although I'll miss the IPMI even if its not iLO), and I may even be able to consolidate the workstation..  Running out of disk space just got expensive again.


As for running WD60EFRX's in a N36L - They do seem to work, just make sure your PSU isn't too old, and that you keep a close eye on it when running at full capacity.

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I had thought of buying a "Seasonic SS-250SU F0 1U" (http://www.seasonic.com/pdf/datasheet/NEW/Bulk/IPC/1U/SS-200-250SU-Active-PFC.pdf) as its a direct swap out replacement/upgrade (apparently even the cables) for only £30ish. 


I probably will replace it for the above seasonic eventually, but i've spent enough time messing about/pulling hair on what was supposed to be a quick disk migration.  Its just proven that its a 4 year old server.


In the end I found a lenovo ts140 xeon e3-1225v3 with 4GB ram and a free w2012 essentials ROK kit for £315.  I could sell the w2012e on a auction for abour £90, and then ebay the N36L and only end up paying £150 for a major upgrade.


I do love the microserver formfactor and presentation, but they've missed the point entirely with the Gen8.

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