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HP 1810G not detecting G8 ?


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I've just bought a nice 1810G from amazon for the G8.


Everything works fine as a switch (atm nothing has been setup, factory config).

I've upgraded to 1.9 firmware from 1.1 without issue.


But I can't get it to see the G8 in server monitor.

- Nothing autodetected

- adding by IP gets the "gray" icon

- The switch pings the G8 in the GUI tool..

- Shared port is setup to ETH1 which is connected to the switch. I access to ILO etc...


Anything to enable on the G8 side ? Missing something obvious ?


Already changed ports, read the QS guide 10 times, changed cables...




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Sorry for confusion.


It's this one, the one that matches G8, stackable, etc...



I've tried to unplug everything bar the switch / G8 cable and added one for router/dhcp. Still no luck.

I had sealed 5E ethernet cables, tried one, no luck.


I hardly changed anything in ILO from the default settings.


Hmmm could this be OS related ? As i'm running proxmox ?

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It should be independent of the OS, as far as I know, because iLO4 is independent of the OS.


If your server is under warranty, I'd ensure it's registered and open a support case through your HP Insight portal.  You can use the iLO to register with HP Insight.  If the warranty date isn't correct (which is probably the case, as HP lists purchase date as the date it went to the reseller's warehouse), grab your purchase invoice, and get HP involved.  When I registered my server, I called HP support and opened a case; I e-mailed them a copy of my purchase invoice to get it updated.  Support was pretty good at getting things ironed out, and server-level support is pretty good.


Also, you mention having updated the switch firmware.  Have you also updated your iLO to the latest version?



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Yes everything is up to date, bios, ILO, etc... sure 100% (even the latest ILO published recently If I remember well)


I have an issue with insights management :


So I've replaced localhost with that in administration/insight


But when clicking insight management, I get an error, page not found. It tries


Changing to localhost is not better (http://localhost would not be ILO afaik but my computer).


Should it work ? 


This is a recent G8 with Xeon builtin, bought this summer new from a amazon.

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I'm sharing a port yes but I need both for my setup ideally. Do you mean using the shared port without changing the "sharing to eth1" ? Or using the dedicated port mode ?


- I can access ILO so sharing is working

- In the switch docs, they say you can share without issue.

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