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N54L compatible memory list


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Hello all,

Server newbie here, just got a N54L to set up a home test lab.


Checked out http://n40l.wikia.com/wiki/Memory and picked

Crucial ct102464ba160b (non ECC) from the list, when I put it in it failed POST :(



This is only one stick of 8 GB, maybe N54L is fussy about only have one DIMM installed?


fyi BIOS has been upgraded to 041 (10/01/2013)


Any idea what can I do?


Otherwise I might have to try another set of memory 

- KVR1333D3E9SK2/16G - apparently this is the "most compatible" from reading few blog posts



It's very expensive though - A$250




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I mean most of the setups that I've read on the blog posts

are either 2x 4GB  or 2x 8GB.


I haven't come across a setup that only uses 8 GB of stick. 

Could be just a faulty memory?

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Could be. Does it still work with the original 2GB?


Yep, it *was* still working with the 2GB, but now not anymore. 

I think I might have killed both RAM stick by mishandling it (I didn't wear the antistatic wrist strap). 


Never happened to me before, but I guess next time I have to be extra careful when handling RAM sticks.

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As long as you keep touching the chassis frequently with your fingers you should be fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with using anti-static straps, but they're not absolutely necessary when working with RAM.

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Got another RAM stick but still nothing showing on the screen.

The health LED is blue, could be the VGA port is faulty?


I'm getting an Asus HD5450 to check this is not an internal video card problem. 


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