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Issues connecting iLo4 in my Gen8


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I am new to this forum  with writting.

I hope my English is good enough.

My HP MS G8 is running now for nearly a year. I never managed it to connect to the iLO webpage.


- connection of both NICs to router is done

- static IP adress and a unique DNS name

when I enter the ip or DNS into a browser the home page of my WHS2011 is appearing but not the iLO page?


I really need help :)


It seems to be obvious that I am not really familar with this topic so I hope you can help me in easy words :)



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Thanks for your quick replies.


The main NIC has IP

the second (iLO) has


I tried it from the Server and from a Laptop in the same network both bring up the WHS2011 screen.

The DHCP is turned off otherwise I was not able to advice a special IP.


At home I will double check all these configurations.

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OK, I checked your last question, Yes it is showing the correct IP adress at boot screen

I checked at router, both IP adresses have a unique DNS and are online


I tried again to contact it with IE and but again, the WHS2011 logon screen appeared


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Are you sure you are on the ilo port and not the second nuc port. Also boot to the intelligent provisioning there is a section for ilo there where it could have been turned off the ilo port and be set as a VLANed port on one of the two onboard NUCs. You will want it on its dedicated port.

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