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Can't use 4T drive for backups


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I bought a 4T external drive to be used for backups on my WHS 2011 only to find Windows backup can't use it. I believe the problem is related to a 512 byte block size. The drive cannot be formatted with smaller blocks.


How can I get around this? Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Bill B

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You are absolutely right, the problem is down to the backup needing to create a VHD file and this is only supported on disks with a 512 byte sector size. The 4 TB disk almost certainly has a 4k sector size and it simply won't work.


If there really is no way to reformat it, and it has to be done with a special firmware utility, then unfortunately you are out of luck.

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format it as GPT, then specify it as a folder location for backup.


This must be done via the actual backup console on the server, and not through the dashboard. 

Run "wbadmin.msc" to manage the backups.


Though, this still may not work...

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