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N54L + W2012R2 + NC360T networking problems


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Hello to all,

I have a N54L with modded bios, smart array P212 and installed Windows server 2012R2.

I found many trouble surfing internet, and while copying files via the network from my notebook, speeds gone from 10MB/sec to 900kB/sec then go to 10MB again.

I've looked that I cannot open https://plex.tv website. So I've tried to use the NC360T dual gigabit but same issues, so I've used that website for tests.


-Tried Linux sysrescue live distro, i can open that website and surf without problems. Tried to download an ubuntu iso image from internet and the speed is about 3MB/sec.

-W2012 and W2012R2 cannot open that website, I can only see the page head on the browser window and seems try to load page (after 3 hours, is still loading)

-W2008R2 open plex.tv website slowly, but in fact i can see it


Right now I've run this tests on W2008R2, W2012 and W2012R2. In every case, the onboard nic was enabled in the bios but not connected: it can be a problem?


My idea is to work as Hyper-v testing machine, keep the onboard nic for hypervisor and the dual NC360T for guests VM.


Have someone encountered my same issue and, in case, found a solution?

I've read about may guys here run W2012 in their microserver and I want to understand what stop mine from make it working good.


Best regards


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The first thing I would do is shut down, remove the NC360T, connect the onboard NIC to the network, and then try surfing again. Let's see if things are improved. If they are, then we know for sure that the issue is related to Windows and the NC360T, likely a driver issue or NIC configuration issue.


If things don't improve, then I would start looking at network settings: Default Gateway, DNS, etc.

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Hello guys,

I've installed the NC360T because onboard card was very slow on everything. Reading some forums, I see the broadcom driver sometimes have issue with W2012 so I've installed the NC360 but same things happens. 

Yes, NC360 was modified to be installed in x1 slot. please don't beat me!


Sorry, I forgot to say that laptop is WiFi. But the problems is not only for data transfer, I cannot download a 3kB pict from internet. I think it's crazy!

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It is a Intel chip on the NC360T, I have seen mixed results with that mod.

I would try a Intel single port NIC x1 PCIe. If you need dual ports, you could look for a HP 332T. It is Broacom based, but is x1 PCIe.

What is the connection on your laptop?

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Laptop is connected with 150mbps wifi.

But right now, installed W2008 and fully updated, i can surf internet, and tried plex.tv website I download the installer at 6,30MBps. So I think it's a problem with W2012.

Looking around, I see some people installed a modified version of the Intel driver, adapt it from Win8 to W2012. I've bought an NC360T for only 20Eur, and I think it can solve my problem but as I see, internal or external nic wouldn't work here.

Another test or mods is someone have an idea?

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It shouldn't be necessary to 'adapt' a Win8 driver for WS2012 - they're based on the same code - the Win8 drivers should work natively, at least AFAIK that's the case.

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Hello guy

looking at the intel website http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/CS-033746.htm looking at the "Intel® PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter" (HP NC360T) I see the driver is not certified. Looking in the INF files, I've modified to let windows 2012 to use NDIS 6.3 otherwise it didn't install. After that, the drivers is installed, nic is on the network but same problem during surfing web.

W2008 didn't have that problems.

So can someone, that have his server working with W2012, send me his bios config? or a special drivers for onboard nic? I'm spending nights following this problem. 

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