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Low budget hackintosh


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I starting a low budget Hackintosh today for the wife. Starting with a i3 processor and 4 gigs of ram.


Starting with limited part at first to see if I can get it to work and then upgrade it later.


Has anyone else built a Hackintosh?

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I am running two of them. They can be an exercise in frustration, but once running mine have been rock solid.

As mentioned above, you have to look at recommended parts lists. Correct hardware is the thing that will 

determine your success. 

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Yes I've been looking at Tony Mac's site.


I picked up a Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 motherboard which is on Tony' October build guide. From what I've read ram and processor model don't matter as much.


What frustrations did you run into?

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I finished the Hackintosh build. Cost a little more that I planned. I bought most of the parts from the local Microcenter. The first motherboard that I got was DOA and was the last of a discontinued line, so I had to get a more expensive board in it's place. I choose the wrong CPU, I needed to pick one that supported Intel's 4600 graphics, but the one that I picked up only supported 4400 and OSX doesn't like that. Microcenter wasn't carrying an CPUs with 4600 graphics (at least anywhere near my price point), so I ordered a NVIDIA GT 740 card from Amazon. In the end I only spent a little more that a Mac Mini, but with mine can upgrade the CPU, RAM and hard drive it the need comes.


The OS setup was complicated and required a lot of Google searching to find the right settings to run the install and then again for the final configuration of the hardware. The graphics card and the wireless networking required special settings and configuration. The only thing that I wasn't able to find a solution for is that only about half of the USB ports work, but over all I'm satisfied.  

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