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Storing drives in a fire/water-proof safe


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Simple answer, don't do it.

One of my friends mentioned that he was looking at fire/water-proof safes for drive storage. This is the model he was considering:



The specs state:

'The safe has been tested by an independent testing lab and verified to protect electronic media including memory sticks; CD’s; DVD’s and external hard drives. In addition; the safe will protect documents; electronics; and other valuables.'

'The 1.3 cu. ft. Combination Waterproof Fire Resistant Safe is UL classified for one hour to withstand an external temperature of 1700° F while maintaining an internal temperature of less than 350° F.'


The issue I have with this is, 350F is well past the non-operating temp of disk drives. Most are rated up to 70C/158F:


SSD and USB drives are generally rated up to 85C:



I would like to see someone test a fire safe inside of a fire/water proof safe. Something like this inside of the safe listed above:


I would assume if the bigger safe can keep the temp down to 350F, then the small safe should be able to keep the temp below 150F.

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I gave up on that idea last year after some research.  I wanted one I could store small valuables in, as well as drives.  It also had to be something that couldn't be easily stolen (i.e. bolted to a concrete floor or wall from the inside).


It got way too expensive very quickly, and I abandoned the concept in favor of bank-deposit-box for the valuables and cloud storage for the data.


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I think the biggest problem for HDDs is the plastic parts in them. Most of these parts are thermoplastics, and they don't take kindly to higher temps.

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Can the cloud catch on fire?


I thought it was all water vapour (vapor for those in USA) and would thus be fireproof.




Some of the newer visitors might like to see Dave's video testing the ioSafe 5 years ago.


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