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Busy Patch Tuesday (Oct. 14, 2014)


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Of course! Goes without saying.


Wish it was so. Unfortunately, a huge number of people apply updates without any backout plan - not most of this crowd of course ;) but many more than there should be.

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Here's a rather funny story. :D


Soon after I applied the patches yesterday, the subsequent scheduled server backups started to fail. Since the last major thing I did was to install the patches, it made sense to suspect that maybe one of the patches broke something. Looking into the error code (2147942421), online info suggests that there may be a problem with the system/source drive or a VSS Shadow Copy issue, etc. For several hours today, I tried to figure out what's wrong. I was in fact already contemplating on what I thought I needed to do (restore the 'pre-patch' backup), and not without mentally shouting obscenities directed at the unnamed idiot who sent me the seemingly botched updates.


But then, I decided to look at Event Viewer one last time, using filters this time. Then I saw it, hiding in plain sight, among the many Backup-related errors:




An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk5\DR5 during a pagination operation.


Found out that 'Harddisk5' is the backup target drive.


Long story short, a bad sector (singular) on the target backup drive, right smack in the middle of the VHD backup image, was causing the backup to fail. Running chkdsk /R on said drive reallocated the bad block and the server was able to complete the backup afterwards.


Anyhow, I will have to run a more comprehensive surface analysis on the problem drive as soon as I can, but I guess I will have to setup a new backup target first.


So now, I think an apology is in order.... I take back what I said to Microsoft.. :P


So there....

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I think Microsoft has secretly purchased a majority share in WD.  :)   All of my Event Logs look normal except for the one drive I know has some bad sectors on it.

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