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2 Step Authentication

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Is there a third party app or a way to enable a 2 step Authentication for remote access of my WHS2011 Server?

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Drashna Jaelre

Ah, yeah, I remember looking into this a while ago. AuthAnvil is about the only solution. :(

And yeah, definitely not cheap, but I think they went up in price considerably.


Though, it's not impossible to do this.... it would be a PITA to implement.



Maybe AuthAnvil has an "at home pricing".

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Its free for home use. I have it set up for local lan RDP access. I dont expose RDP to the internet except on special occasions.  and it works for remote RDP via wan.  I mostly use my VPN to home and then remote via lan.  You can also set duo to work with third party websites as well just like Google Authentication. 


Also works with yubikey


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