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EX495 - questions + thoughts


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First, I want to briefly say that I'm psyched to have found the HSS podcast. I've been listening to it on my Zune while at work. Good stuff, guys! Keep it coming.

After running an eval WHS frankenbuild (Athlon 2700+ and a couple of PATA 500G hdd's) for a few months, I went ahead and snapped up the EX495 from Newegg when it went on sale on Black Friday for $599. It arrived yesterday, and since that time I've been transferring files from my frankenbuild. As I write this, I am using BDBB to back up the frankenbuild's computer backups to a folder on the EX495. Actually, I am now restoring the backups from that folder and it seems like it's gonna work out OK. *Update: it worked! Phew, what a relief!!

I know that Dave has an EX495. I heard him speak about it. Now that he's had it for a few weeks I was hoping we might hear a follow-up on how it's working for him. I had a question about power saving. Will this unit go to sleep after a period of inactivity? If not, is there an add-in that people are recommending? I'm not talking about the 'Daily Sleep Time' which I see in the Power Management tab.

Also, what do people think about using a nettop, like the Lenovo Q110 or something similar, instead of an extender such as a PS3 or XB360? I know one of you guys bought one and talked about it on a recent podcast, but I'd like to hear if people are using this solution and what they recommend. I have a PC in the living room now, but the gf approval factor is not too high.

Like a lot of you guys, I am the family tech support person, which I enjoy. I also like trying out new things/software, and like I've heard you guys jokingly mention, I sometimes 'break' things. Well, let me tell you, WHS has saved my bacon a few times. Very convenient, and solid. I used to use DriveImage XML and it always worked great, but the WHS backup scheme with is much better for my purposes.

Anyways, I'm just checking in since I feel like us home server folks have to stick together. :)

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Hey dvn - great to hear from you and thanks for the good words on the podcast. Hope you can hear us enjoying it as we record it. It's great fun!

Let me encourage you to hold on to your Athlon machine and use it as a test box. Nice to be able to trying things out before you load them on your shinny new MSS. Good choice by the way!

Dave will want follow up on the 495 and I'm sure Chris might want to chime in on his HTPC.


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Thanks for the welcome, Jim.

Ya, I think I'll keep my frankenbuild as is for now, just in case I have a problem with my new unit in the next couple of weeks or so. But it's pretty darn noisy, not to mention ugly, so it'll reside in the basement from here on out.

So far, I've installed Diskeeper 2010 eval, Advanced Admin Console, and BDBB as my add-ins. I think those are pretty safe choices, for starters. I think I might prefer Diskeeper over PerfectDisk, though I used PD on my XP pro machine for a number of years. And I, for one, do see better performance from using a defragmenter when streaming movies from the server, especially when wireless. I rip my DVD's directly to my server's Video folder. Some times they play without problem, but if they're hitching, a defrag straightens them out. So that's my 2 cents on defragmenters.

Hey, I'd like to share a useful tip with people, if anyone cares to try it. When you want to send a file or folder from your PC to one of the main server folders, you can set it up so you all you have to do is right-click on the file or folder, click 'Send to', and then choose the location. To set this up, go to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo and create shortcuts to the main folders on the server. For example, \\server\software or \\server\videos. Then rename the shortcuts so they appear as SERVER - Music, SERVER - Public, etc. That way, all your server folders are grouped together in the 'Send to' menu and easier to see. I'm not sure where I picked that up, but I find it's a pretty useful tip so I put it out there for people to use.

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Thanks for the tip on the send-to. I had used that a long time ago in the XP days (or maybe before, did win98 have that) to move to a network location, but hadn't thought about it since.

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