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Going from modded to unmodded BIOS?


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Currently I have ESXi booting off a internal USB stick and I have the supplied WD drive off the SATA port of the DVD.


If I go to unmodded, will I need to change anything? AFAIK, the WD drive will go to 3GB speeds instead of 6GB but I don't see that as a issue right now.

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Is it safe to go from a modded BIOS to a unmodded BIOS? Which is the latest unmodded?


I haven't seen any issues when I've done it on my N40L's or N54L -- just be aware that Ports 4 & 5 (the eSATA and ODD SATA) will go back to IDE Emulation mode which will cut their max transfer rates.

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I went from modded bios with windows server 2008 r2, using port multipliers and hot swap, to unmodded windows server 2012 r2.


2012 works, but I have lost access to pm and hot swap. If I go back to modded bios, will I run into the onboard nic issue?


Can I have port multiplier with server 2012?

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I can't seem to find the edit button on my mac.

However, to answer my own question:
When you mod the bios with the official, in order to install Server 2012 (and the onboard NIC), the southbridge settings remain saved however you had them set up.


I flashed to HP bios, installed Server 2012. This went well. I then re-flashed to one of the modded bios, and Server still works in addition to hidden BIOS entries.

Now I have to get Server 2012 to actually accept port multiplying, which may be a little more finicky

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I have an HP N54L with the latest BIOS code from HP.  My box is still under warranty.  I thought the StarTech.com PEXESATA322I PCIe internal/external SATA card would provide port multiply without dealing with the somewhat confusing BIOS mod issues.  Unfortunately The drivers don't install in my Windows Server 2012r2 environment.  I don't know when or if StarTech will publish Windows 2012r2 drivers so I've gone back to research the current status of the BIOS mod and other methods to provide eSATA with port multiply.


This topic indirectly refers to what I have come to believe is the current situation, to wit:


There is no BIOS mod that is based on the newest BIOS that enables Windows 2012r2 to install.  I've come to believe this is true though I have not found a definitive statement to this effect.  I hope someone will reply with a more definitive statement. 


I have also been unable to locate ANY PCIe eSATA card that both supports port multiply AND Windows Server 2012r2.  I can only imagine the situation will get even worse with Windows Server 10 (or whatever it is named.)  Has anyone found a way to provide eSATA with port multiply on an HP N54L Proliant MicroServer? 


I definitely do not need RAID.  I plan to use the four-drive HDD box as a single storage space without redundancy.  This is for server backup.  A hard drive failure in the external box may require a new full server backup.  The server uses RAID5 for the entire storage pool.

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I can't find any cards either. However, I did find a reference to using the Win8.1 storahci.sys driver. Frankly, since I believe 2012r2 and Win8.1 are based on the same code base, I find it difficult to believe that 2012r2 wouldn't have this file. But, it might be worth a shot, if you have Win8.1 on hand.


The other reference I found mentioned that Win8.1/Server2012r2 are already eSATA aware, so no 3rd party drivers are needed. This might be why we're not finding any reference. Still, I would think compatible cards would say they're compatible.

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