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The DNS entry for the server should be One thing that can get you in trouble is that BPA. If your environment is working then ignore it for the most part.

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Exactly IanH..... what replication partners???


Remember BPA is making its best guess as to what you need. It can be useful, but it's not a panacea. As jmwills says, you may have to ignore an alert or 2.


Have you set up your WAN router as a DNS Forwarder?

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Ideal setup, to avoid 99% of DNS issues:



Network Adapter: Set a static IP Address for the Server, aka, assign one. And set the DNS server to

DNS Server: Find the "Forwarder" tab (right click on the server name and select properties, in the DNS console). Make sure that your ISP's DNS servers are specified here. Or and (google's), or OpenDNS's.

On your DHCP server (aka, your router), in the DHCP section, it usually lets you specify up to 3 DNS servers. Set the first entry to your Server's IP address. Set the second one to your router's IP address and set the third to your ISP's (or preferred) DNS entry.


This should allow you resolve in EVERY case, including the server being offline. And it should prevent the connector software for changing the DNS entry automatically.

Additionally, this should allow you to cache the DNS lookups on the server, as well.

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Drashna, I went back to WHS2011 but, when I tried WSE2012, I set up my forwarder to my Untangle router. Any requests Untangle couldn't handle from its own cache it would forward to my ISP. It seemed to work OK.

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How do you think it should be set up if I have implemented the "SkipDomainJoin" and "SkipAutoDNSServerDetection" = True.

Router is Untangle.

i.e. I am in what Paul Braren calls "Workgroup Mode".


Paul is still on secret IBM business in darkest Germany.

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Then you DNS should be pointing to your router/unTangle and not the server.  The server will stay with and have a secondary setting for the router.

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^^ What he said. If your clients are not joining the Domain then they should be set up like any other Windows computer on your LAN - basically ignoring that a Windows Server is even on the LAN.

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