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Hi Guys


Just though i would share a head scratching problem i've been experiancing, and a couple of great little apps that help me resolve. Hopefully might save someone else in the future.



athlon 64 x2 4200

MSI MS-7250 (6 sataports)

2 generic sata controller cards, both pci

12 internal hard drives totalling 11.5 TB


The problems was that the system would stop responding for short periods of time anywhere from 10seconds up to 1 minute, this would be at any time time, copying files, reading files, even sat at the machine.


Then it came to deciding where to begin with the trouble shooting, i decided to start by unplugging one drive at a time, this appeared to work and i thought i had identified the drive in question, got the drive rma'd the problem appeared to go away. Within a day it was back. So much googleing later i came acoss these two recommended apps DPC Latency Checker and Process Explorer Process explorer is great at giving you a more detailed look at what's running, but the real winer for me was DPC Ltency checker it gives you a real time view of how your computer can handle data streams, it shows it as an updating bar chart, i keeped getting a big red bar at varying intervals, it gives you a list of devices that may be giving you driver problems and suggests disableing them one by one in the device manager. These made not differance for me, so i moved onto other hardware and finally nailed the problem down to one of my controller cards. Have since swapped it out and now no probs.


Anyway that's it hope it can be of some help.




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