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Are Green Drives KILLING Your NAS? WD Red HD Review!

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No doubt some people have been lucky with their Green drives. Others, like me, have not. Now, because I pull my drives and SpinRite them regularly, I may have gotten to see issues creeping up more readily than most people. What I've noticed with Greens is they tend to develop bad sectors faster than other drives I've used. SpinRite would correct the situation but, after another 6 months (give or take), the drives would have issues again.


None of these issues have caused drives to fall out of arrays or anything. What they demonstrated is a tendency for Greens to develop sector issues more quickly, and more regularly, than other drives. For example, I had 4x2TB WD RE4 drives in a RAID5 array. When I SpinRite them, they don't show the issues I have with Greens. The same has proven true with other drive models. Of all the drives I've used, only the Greenies have shown this tendency toward creeping-bad-sectors as a systematic problem.


Now, I have not used hundreds or thousands of Green drives, so my findings could be considered outliers. Nevertheless, I stopped buying Greenies.

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