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N54L Microserver query


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Hi All


First off hello to everyone im new here, been reading through the threads for the last hour which have helped me out a lot i will say!


Just wanted some advice if thats ok regarding my N54L. I have it setup with Server 2012 installed as the base OS with HyperV on a 60gb HDD. At the moment i have 1 2TB drive to which i am hoping to add another shortly. I have 3 VM's running, a Plex Server, Owncloud Server and when i manage to figure it out an OpenVPN server. Im looking to make the best use of my storage which is 2TB at the mo soon to be 4TB as mentioned above. Id like to raid it into one volume but just wanted to know the best way to go about it? Hardware or software raid?


I dont have any slots free on the board for a hardware card but if thats the best option i may look to remove the extra NIC i have installed, the 6450 graphics card will need to stay as im thinking of getting rid of my HTPC box i have and using the microserver as the dedicated HTPC.


Thanks guys

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I would be tempted to just use DrivePool. There a few caveats when using a software drive pooler. The main one I can think of ATM is that you cannot use Windows Server Backup to back up the drive letter assigned to the pool(s).


Let's look at an example. Say you have 2 drives, D: and E:, that you pool as drive F:. When using Windows Server Backup you cannot back up drive F: You would, instead, back up drives D: and E:.

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