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Sophos, load-setup-demo


+1 for Sophos -- been meaning to take a look, but haven't had the time, and would love to see a rundown of this, especially with a comparison to similar products (pfSense, Untangle).

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Has anyone played with Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview?  I'd be interested in that one.


(note to self: Download the VHD for Hyper-V testing this week)

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See a lot of recommendations for Sophos. Given I don't understand most of it, I assume Untangle and pfSense 

would be appropriate too.


Hopefully the AC man will be here tomorrow and I can give a demo on how not to install a HA thermostat.

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I won't be there, however, I've been doing tonnes of IP camera installs lately and leveraging Qnap - Surveillance Station. Absolutely fantastic product with huge camera support. I've been able to nix some really expensive commercial A/V installs with relatively cheap Qnap's, WD Purple drives and Ubiquiti cameras that are putting these commercial DVR's/cameras/installations to shame in 4 of our municipal locations.

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Been working on a Plex show case for this year but from the blended tech viewpoint and to showcase the hardware that has been acquired over the last couple of years

Serving sided

  Plex on Gen8

  Plex on QNAP (arm model) also runs Security Camera and iSCSI target for vcenter

  Plex on Synolgy (XPenology) both in physical and vm formats

Viewing sided

  Plex on Pi

  Plex on the new Dell Insperon 3050

  Plex on Hackintosh (Yosemite


Plus VMware using it as a host for Sophos(other router) in a safe manner.

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