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I apologize for not remember the name of the gentleman that did the weather station demo. He was worried it wouldn't be popular

because it wasn't server related. I thought it was very interesting and appreciated his efforts. Still waiting for a post so we can

look into the equipment.


I certainly think Home Automation should be featured as pure server topics have grown kind of stale. For the last two meetups

the NAS products have been more prominent than the Windows server products. Broadening to a general

technology format would be great and give us better variety. 

HDTV Calibration demo/explanation


HDTV setup and home audio discussion would be great. Maybe we could get a local installer to discuss basic setup strategies. In return it would

give them some free advertising. For example the Entertainment 2.0 podcast #291 with Rob from AV Rants was about the best podcast I have

ever listened to. He discussed room setup and it was a great, great episode. 

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Though I am not a professional, HDTV calibration is one of my tech hobbies. I proposed to Dave that I could present next year, covering both the basics that anyone can do with a calibration disc, as well as showing how to use software and a meter to accurately set the grey scale and color points of an hdtv. VinylFreak offered to bring his HDTV again and have me calibrate it.


I think your idea of broadening to general tech stuff we do in the home is a great idea.


I agree with you on the AVRant podcast as well. I listened to the Audessey episode and realized I had set mine up incorrectly. Went back and redid it. Sounds sweet!

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A discussion and look ahead on the features of StableBit DrivePool and Scanner. In particular the recent hint that Scanner might be doing bad-sector something (recovery?) in a future release was intriguing.

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1. Setup, test and compare remote access tools. 






Yes, this would be excellent 


What have people been doing with their Board Computers, Pi's, etc?  Would really enjoy seeing the hardware and hearing about projects

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