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Hi glad to meet you all .

Sorry about the shadow profile PIC will change as soon as I get home.


I have started to put together a home server. I intend to use it to back up the other PC's in my house and also to store my ripped cd's to send to the media players I have. For the moment that's ps3 and blu ray players and an onkyo receiver. I do have a couple of beep players on order. I would also like to store and stream blu ray rips and pics and in the future maybe have my media available when I am out and about.

I have a couple questions, first is which software/is to use. I have been looking at Ubuntu but wouldn't know if server or desktop, would be better for me. I have seen freenas and amahi. I can also get windows server.

I know there are more options but I have no experience in any of this server stuff. Could anyone advise pros and cons for different software given my application?


The second question is hard drive related. I was going to go for wd caviar greens for the energy efficiency. I think reds are more suited to this application but I was thinking about energy usage. I have since read that greens are most prone to failure and are the slowest drives. So should I just go with reds or can anyone recommend a cheaper, better alternative.

I plan to use an ssd for the os and initially 2 x 2tb drives in a raid that will have one drive backup the other. Then add another couple when funds permit.

Hardware up to now is a supermicro server mobo running two dual core xeons with 8gb ram

Probably over kill but I got them for next to nothing. As I learn what I am doing I will use more of its capabilities.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. Given my newbie status any advice would be invaluable.


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Well, you come to the right place -   Welcome


The 1st thing you need to decide is if you want to build your own or get something off the shelf.


If you want a simple off the shelf solution for ~two drives,   its hard to beat a  NAS  -   we just had a meet up in Indianapolis and the two companies getting strong nods from our group are Synology and QNAP 

lots of easy to use functionality with built in "App" Stores.      


building your own -  well, you can go from a simple  two drive server using freenas or Unraid or Openmediavault   -   to a  20 TB behemoth with multiple VM's   etc. 


it depend on your how far you want to go,   I suggest browsing these forums -   most everything has been covered so you can get a sense of your options. 

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I concur with using Red drives rather than Greens. Just be aware that there is some initial failure rate with Reds. That is, a small percentage of Red drives will be Dead On Arrival or die shortly after being put into service. Don't worry; WD has a very good replacement process if this should happen. I recommend 'burning in' all hard drives - using something like HDDTune - before putting them into production.


The good news is that the failure rate is small, and the drives tend to fail pretty much right away. In my experience Green drives tend to fail over time, which is more of a problem, at least to me it is.

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For some reason, this post got me to thinking of the "Red Green" show - one of the funniest TV shows ever to make it to the states from Canada


Whatever happened to Moose Lodge !


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