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Aircraft tracking using an ADS-B Reciever


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For those of you who saw my presentation of Aircraft tracking using ADS-B receivers, I wanted to get a post up to allow you guys to research to topic and get a better understanding of what I was talking about.  Sadly, I am not a complete expert on all this.  As an avionics engineer, I completely understand how the actual signals and aircraft interfaces work, but I am still learning and mastering the desktop PC portion of the hobby.  The topic and hobby has recently exploded, since $20 receivers have been made available, so anything I put down is just touching the surface.  There are like half a dozen dedicated hardware manufactures and the same for sharing networks and software makers.


My Set up:

I currently have multiple stations working or in the process of being built.  My main system consists of a Kinetic SBS-3, connected to a dedicated PC that runs all the software to process all the data:

Basestation - Main software that works with the receiver http://www.kinetic-avionics.com/basestationdownloads1.php# 

PlanePlotter - This software is the main backbone of the entire hobbyist network http://www.coaa.co.uk/planeplotter.htm

Virtual Radar Server - this a great freeware that works awesome and is what I was showing during my presentiaton.  It makes a server that allows you to view locally/remotely all the aircraft you are receiving on Google maps.  http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Default.aspx


I also use dedicated indoor antennas from: http://www.dpdproductions.com/page_vhf_air.html.  I have no roof access in my townhouse, so that is the reception I get with the antenna on a wall in my office.  I get some really amazing range with that set up.


I also own a Micro-ADSB Bullion that I am working to set up at a remote site.  More on that when I get it fully running.


Here is a link to my feed:



Tutorials & dedicated websites:

Here is a list of the best tutorials and sights out there:





He really is into the Raspberry Pi aspect of this and is often reference as one of the best places to figure out how to set stuff up.



He covers mostly PlanePlotter setup


Sharing sites:

All of these sights have services on the web and phone applications that allow you to look up and track information on almost all aircraft flying.  






These services take data from the FAA, but also look to the spotting community to increase there coverage.  By supplying the data to them, they provide to you free premium accounts as well as free apps for your devices.  They also will provide free equipment to you, to borrow, if you can provide a 24 hour internet connection and are willing to put an antenna on the roof.







Dedicated (expensive) Hardware:






The $20 Solution




You need a special software called dump1090 to use them as ADS-B receivers.  



The Raspberry Pi Solution




Again not a lot of detail, mostly links to other sites.  There is tons more sites and software.  You can just Google this stuff and you will be amazed.


Thanks for your interest.

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Thanks for the write-up and the VERY interesting presentation at the #BestMeetUpEver!


It was a joy to meet you in person last weekend during the meetup!

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Thanks for the post and your presentation. I didn't know such a thing existed and for so cheap. 

Can't wait for more non-server topics next year. 

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