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Synology DSM 5.1 Now in Open Beta


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Synology® Takes the Public Beta of DiskStation Manager 5.1 Live

Beta-testing now open

 Bellevue, Washington—September 16, 2014—Synology America Corp® today unveiled the beta release of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.1, the latest iteration of its award-wining operating system for NAS servers. DSM 5.1 beta gives testers the opportunity to try the latest of DSM 5.1 which provides versatile backup and security tools, increased productivity, better media management, and more.

“Storage technologies are evolving fast and so is DSM. Version 5.1 boasts a significant amount of new features revolving around three critical concepts: integrating private cloud, broadening sharing possibilities, and enhancing data safety,” said Alex Wang, CEO of Synology Inc.

DSM 5.1 delivers many major updates, including:

 Increased productivity through integrated private Cloud: Cloud Station is now more versatile than ever. It also supports synchronizing data in encrypted folders to protect privacy, and Windows ACL for more precise user privileges’ setting and File versioning in Cloud Station can now be disabled to save storage space. Cloud Sync enhancements extends coverage to six public cloud services: Dropbox, Google Drive, Baidu Cloud, and the newly-added OneDrive, Box and hubiC; broaden sharing possibilities.

Be more efficient with QuickConnect: Proxy Server speeds up Internet browsing while securing the network thanks to its various caching, filtering, and authentication options. File Station can now connect to a remote FTP or WebDAV server, while its new email client provides a quicker alternative for file sharing. IPv6 support has been expanded to QuickConnect and more DSM services. NFS VAAI support brings new virtualization options such as File Clone and Reserve Space. SSD caching technologies are more intuitive with a revamped interface, a real-time hit rate statistics to evaluate the utilization, and a recommendation on appropriate SSD cache size. 

 Enhancing Data Safety with versatile backup and security tools: LUN snapshot is now schedulable and LUN backup performance is 169% faster through the network. Effective data protection with vigorous backup and security options minimizes the impact in case of any system vulnerability. The new Security Advisor scans the system and detects potential vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords, malware, misconfigured services, and pending updates. AppArmor offers Kernel-level modifications; enforce stricter permission rules on applications and restricts what system resources can be accessed by individual applications.

Sharing your life has never been easier: Flexible collaboration tools for media and communication a  public link disseminates your pictures, music or video collections. Multi-screen users will appreciate that many of the mobile apps have been tweaked; from quick search to improved integration or new design and continues to support all three major platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone). The smart search feature and revamped folder page increase usability and efficiency. DS Note allows you to create, share, and sync thousands of digital notes and notebooks and contacts with DSM 5.1.  

Sign up for the Synology DSM 5.1 Beta Program

If you want to know more about DSM 5.1 beta, please consult this page or click here for the full specifications. Synology will offer the three beta testers who provide the most valuable assistance and feedback each a DS214se. Please visit www.synology.com/support/beta_dsm_5_1 for more details.


Synology DSM 5.1 beta is free to download for users who own a DiskStation or RackStation x11 series and onward. Supported models include:

  • 15-series: DS415play, DS115j, DS415+

  • 14-series: DS214, RS214, DS414, DS114, DS214play, DS214+, DS214se, RS3614xs+, RS2414+, RS2414RP+, RS814, DS214se, RS814+, RS814RP+, DS414j, RS3614xs, RS3614RPxs, DS414slim, EDS14                 
  • 13-series: RS10613xs+, RS3413xs+, DS2413+, DS1813+, DS1513+, DS713+, DS413, DS413j, DS213+, DS213, DS213air, DS213j
  • 12-series: RS3412xs, RS3412RPxs, RS812+, RS812RP+, RS2212+, RS2212RP+, RS812, RS212, DS3612xs, DS1812+, DS1512+, DS712+, DS412+, DS212+, DS212, DS212j, DS112+, DS112, DS112j
  • 11-series: RS3411xs, RS3411RPxs, RS2211+, RS2211RP+, RS411, DS3611xs, DS2411+, DS1511+, DS411+II, DS411+, DS411, DS411j, DS411slim, DS211+, DS211, DS211j, DS111

Synology at a Glance

Synology is dedicated to taking full advantage of the latest technologies to bring businesses and home users reliable and affordable ways to centralize data storage, simplify data backup, share and sync files across different platforms, and access data on-the-go. Synology aims to deliver products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer services.


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I have been running this since release and I have to say its been rock soled and I am really liking the new features. I did have one problem after installing this at least I thought it was a software bug with the spam filter but it turned out to be my DNS that I was using in my DNS forwarders that I had changed around the same time as installing this. After setting my DNS forwarder back to openDNS no more trouble :)

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