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BluRay Drive recognition in Microserver Gen 8


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I recently bought a Gen 8 microserver for home use.  I primarily use it for documents, images, and video files.  I wanted to put a BluRay drive in the ODD slot to rip movies and add them to my library on the server.  I purchased a Panasonic UJ-262 BluRay Drive off eBay to put in the ODD.  I connected it using a Molex "Y" and a Slim SATA to SATA power combo cable.  I plugged into the open SATA port on the motherboard.  When I boot up, this device is not recognized.  It does not show up anywhere in BIOS.  It does not show up in Device Manager in Win Server 2011.  To test the SATA port on the motherboard, I took all of my drives out of the storage bays and plugged my SSD with my OS into the SATA port and everything booted up just fine, so I know that the SATA port is active and works correctly.  


Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that this drive should show up by simply plugging it in and powering everything up.  I expected that I may have to search online for a driver if Server 2011 didn't have one for this device already.  Is there anything else that I can try to make this work, or is my BD drive bad?  Is there a different cable configuration that I ought to consider?  Am I best to return this drive and get a new one?  I am not the most sophisticated guy when it comes to tech, so any help that someone could offer would be appreciated.

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I wonder why you would buy a BluRay drive from eBay. I say that because they're so cheap these days, why not buy one from a retail dealer? There's less chance of getting a dead one that way, and you could simply take it back if it didn't work. Also, most retailers would test the drive for you, to ensure it works.


I would test the BluRay drive on another system, to help isolate whether it's actually working or not.


Testing the SATA port on the Gen8 by attaching a different drive was a good move. At least now you know it's not the Gen8.


The other thing you need to ensure is whether your cable arrangement is working. Try using that cable arrangement when you test the drive on another system. If it doesn't work, try replacing each cable one at a time. That would include the Molex Y-splitter (you didn't say whether the BluRay drive actually powered up when you booted the system).

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