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WD 6TB Red WD60EFRX in Gen 8


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I am sure if someone wants to send Mr. Microserver....I mean Joe_Miner a 6TB Red to try he would be more than happy to evaluate if it would work.

Hmm if HP is referring people to us for supporting the microserver should we not get iLO and firmware for life

6 TB. Amazing.   In decade we'll be asking: will my 2 petabyte harddrive be recognized by my Microserver gen 15?

To get there we're going to need a materials revolution. By that I mean there will have to be developments in materials science that will increase the areal density by at least an order of magnitude. I haven't heard anything about any material that might fill that role. Perhaps the very nature of data storage will have to change. Who knows, maybe LASER storage systems will finally become real.


There's a similar situation in chip design. Back in the early 2000s I watched a webcast from Intel that said we'd all be running 10 GHZ CPUs by 2010. I recall talking to my colleagues about it, saying it was BS. I said the industry was approaching the theoretical limits of what could be done with silicon as the base material. I said what would happen is that chip makers would have to move to multi-core processors to try to get higher performance, but there would be problems because only some applications truly benefit from multi-core CPUs.


At that time a number of experts were suggesting gallium would be the next higher-density, faster substrate. The issue is gallium is extremely hard to work in production quantities. Except for certain 'cost is no object' military and intelligence projects, gallium has not proven to be viable.


Currently, there's a lot of buzz around graphene. If a way is found to reliably produce graphene it could prove to be even better than gallium might have been. For example, some people are talking about graphene being able to run at speeds 100 times that of today's CPUs. We'll see......

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Greg Starks is the HP guy who was posting on here for a while. He hasn't posted in quite a while - I suspect he was warned off doing that, probably by HP management.

HEY IKON!  Long time no speak!  Nope, no warnings, no threats.  :)   I just changed jobs at HP and haven't been able to geek out for quite a while.   I sent a note to a couple of the forum leads recently letting them know i was still alive even though not posting or interacting much.


i sent Tim here because you guys are THE group who are living on the edge and trying/doing everything with MicroServer that I only WISH HP put the manpower on to do.   I knew some of you had probably already setup >3TB drives.   I was sure there was no technical limit with the chipset/SATA itself, but was only 99.99% sure that we had not put something stupid in the BIOS that would cause a problem.

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Hey gstarks. Really glad to hear there was no negative feedback about your participation in the forums.


"THE group" --> that's quite a compliment to the guys running MicroServers; I'm sure they appreciate it. I posted quite a while back that I thought HP could leverage the info posted on these forums to help them work on issues, like the fan speed issue which you were so helpful with. I think it could go even further: I think HP could benefit from collaborating with some members, to get ideas for future development and resolve other issues. One example for a future feature would be to upgrade all the SATA ports to SATA III. I'm sure there are others.


Anyway, glad to have you back in the forums. Thanks for posting :)

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Yes, 2 x 6TB WD Green drives installed and work fine.

I will be finalising replacment NAS with 4 x 6TB drives

and Raid 5 (Highpoint RR640L).


Radial 14

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radial14, I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but some people have had issues using Green drives in RAID. The main issue seems to be that drives will drop out of arrays due to them timing out when having an issue reading a sector. You might want to consider Red drives, which have a limitation on how long a drive can spend trying to read a cranky sector.


An alternative can be to use something like DrivePool to pool drives.

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