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Anyone tried HDDs bigger than 3TB on B120i?


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I'm researching available information about HDD upgrade for my HP Microserver Gen8 and I'm wondering if anyone tried to install on the built-in raid controller drives with capacity higher than 3TB.

In official documentation it is stated that it supports up to 3TB HDDs, but is it the same in practice? I plan to run 4HDDs in 1+0 mode.

Using a HDD like this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WD-Red-6TB-SATA-III-3-5-HDD-Drive-IntelliPowerrpm-64MB-Cache-/181528193009 can give pretty good results, taking in consideration the current HDD price (~219gbp).


If it is not possible to connect them at B120i - what are other compatible RAID controllers that can support such capacities?


Apologies, if this was asked before.


Thank you,


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Thank you for information. I'm glad B120i supports driver larger than 3TB.

What are the cons of using integrated RAID controller over an external one, except lacking of FBWC and RAID5 support?

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The B120i Smart Array Controller is a good basic controller IMHO and being part of the HP smart array family you can move drives from the B120i to a P222 (or other HP Smart Array controller -- the P222 is nice because you can manage it along with the B120i in HP's ACU via iLO4).


For example: I created my OS drive on the B120i (as a single drive RAID0) then later moved my OS drive from the B120i to my P222 EZPeeZee (just changed the SAC that was my boot controller in BIOS)

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