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Listening to your show this morning, and thought I would post my experiences with the Toshiba Excite Go AT7-C8....which is the Encore Mini's sister tablet, in Android flavor.


I bought mine specifically for use as a media controller to operate/browse the Tablo, Plex, Roku, and remote control for our Samsung plasma. Also use it when I'm watching tech channels on Roku to follow online with the subjects they're discussing. Works great for using the Amazon and NewEgg apps too, when I want to quickly look up a product.


Two things I wish it had: IR transmitter, as this device would make an excellent TouchSquid controller. And it should have included an good rubber case for drop protection. I always feel like I'm going to drop it, because it's not that easy to hang on to. A rubber case (like an Otterbox or something) would make it easier to hold and give good protection. I can't find anybody selling cases for these yet either.



Great couch remote, quick Internet lookups, shopping, and Tablo manager.

Games? Nothin' serious....think pinball and tank wars :-). Video? Low quality only... Not enough horsepower.


I also agree with you guys about the screen and resolution. Gets dirty easy, and not very crisp resolution....but for $99, I can't complain. I knew about it going in, and works perfect for what I bought it for.


Just gotta wait for someone to make a rubber case now...

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