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Bootable PCI Express SSDs


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Just been doing some research on the Gen8 Microserver and the various storage combinations and solutions involving the ODD port and booting off it (either with an SSD or HDD).


I've had a look but haven't seen evidence of anyone trying a PCI Express SSD in the Gen8 Microserver. I currently use one in my desktop computer (a 240GB OCZ Revodrive 3 X2) and thought this could be a more elegant solution to achieve a full speed SSD whilst keeping all four drive bays available for storage disks plus the ODD bay (and whatever other drives you can manage to cram in before you run out of ports).


Has anyone tried this or does anyone have reason to believe that this wouldn't work?


Thanks :)

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I haven't heard of anyone doing this either. I have an original Revo that I haven't used in more than a year - I really should look at installing it into my WHS2011 as the boot drive.

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